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Welcome to the GPJC.

The Grosse Pointe Jewish Council is an organization that provides cultural, religious, social and educational activities, serving the Jewish community of the Grosse Pointes and other metropolitan Detroit east side communities.  


Religious activities include rabbi-led Shabbat and High Holiday services, family Shabbat services and an annual Passover seder.  We also offer a Sunday school.  Additionally, bar and bat mitzvah preparation is available.  Our educational and cultural offerings include lectures, tours, demonstrations and other programs.


Our organization is supported by annual membership dues, tax-exempt donations and modest fees for certain events.


An Organization Providing Cultural, Religious,Social & Educational Activities.


Upcoming Events Year 2023


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Religious Activities Include

  • Rabbi-led Shabbat / High Holiday Services

  • Family Shabbat Services

  • Annual Passover Seder

  • Sunday School

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation

  • Lectures, Tours, Demonstrations, and more.

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